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Ainsworth, William Harrison, extract from Rookwood
Anon., De Clerico et Puella (in Middle English)
Anon., De Clerico et Puella (in modern English translation)
Anon., quotation from A Description of England, by a Venetian diplomat
Anon., Devol’s last Farewel
Anon., passage from Fasciculus Morum
Anon., The Female Frollick
Anon., The Flying Highwayman
Anon., news item from The Gentleman’s Magazine: a female mounted robber
Anon., news item from The Gentleman’s Magazine: Plunket and Maclaine rob Horace Walpole
Anon., The London Evening Post: report on the robbery of Horace Walpole by Plunket and Maclaine
Anon., Luke Huttons Lamentation
Anon., passages from A manifest detection of Diceplay
Anon., To the Memory of Captain James Hind
Anon., The Outlaw’s Song of Trailbaston (modern English translation)
Anon., The Penitent Highwayman
Anon., story from Ratseis Ghost
Anon., another story from Ratseis Ghost
Anon., passages from The Relation of the taking of Captain James Hind
Anon., news item from a Restoration news letter: a robbery by Claude Du Vall
Anon., Turpin’s Rant
Augustine of Hippo, chapter from De Civitate Dei [About the City of God]
Brinton, Thomas, passages from sermons
Bromyard, John de, passages from Summa Praedicantium
Bulwer, Edward, extract from Paul Clifford
Butler, Samuel, Character of a Highwayman
Butler, Samuel, To the Happy Memory of the Most Renowned Du-Val
Cassius Dio, section from his Roman History
Clavell, John, passages from A Recantation of an Ill Led Life
Defoe, Daniel, story from A Tour through England and Wales
de la Pryme, Abraham, story from his diary
Drayton, Michael, passage from Poly-Olbion
Fennor, William, quotation from The Counter’s Commonwealth
Fidge, George, chapters from The English Gusman
Fidge, George, another chapter from The English Gusman
Fidge, George, story from Hind’s Ramble
Fortescue, Sir John, passage from The Governance of England (in Middle English)
Fortescue, Sir John, passage from The Governance of England (in modern English translation)
Fuller, Thomas, passage from The Worthies of England, on Robin Hood
Harrison, Williampassages from The Description of England
Henry of Knighton, passages from his Leicester Chronicle
Hind, James, passages from The Declaration of Captain James Hind
Hitchcock, Robert, chapter from A Politick Plat for the honour of the Prince
Greene, Robert, passage from The Blacke Bookes Messenger
Langland, William, quotation from Piers Plowman
Le Blanc, Jean Bernard, extracts from Letters on the English and French Nations
Maclaine, James, letter to Horace Walpole
Middleton?, Thomas, song from The Widow, ‘I keep my horse, I keep my whore’
More, Sir Thomas, passages from Utopia (Robinson’s translation)
Parsons, Robert, passages from The Jesuit’s Memorial
Pope, Walter, story from The Memoires of Monsieur Du Vall
Pope, Walter, ‘Du Valls Epitaph’ from The Memoires of Monsieur Du Vall
Privy Council, 1575passage from a letter
Rid, Samuel, passage from Martin Markall, Beadle of Bridewell
Saussure, César de, passage from a letter
Smith, Captain Alexander, passage from A Complete History of the Highwaymen
Taylor, John, passage from An Arrant Thief
Walpole, Horace, passages from his letters relating to James Maclaine
Walpole, Horace, passage from his Short Notes of My Life
Warner, William, passage from Albions England
Williams, John, et al, The Confession of the Four Highwaymen
Wilson, Ralph, passages from A Full and Impartial Account, &c
Wilson, Thomas, passages from A Discourse Upon Usury
Wither, George, passage from Abuses Stript and Whipt
Wollstonecraft, Mary, quotation from An Historical and Moral View of the French Revolution

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