Outlaws and Highwaymen

Quotation from William Fennor’s The Counter’s Commonwealth
William Fennor, The Counter’s Commonwealth, ed. A. V. Judges in The Elizabethan Underworld (London, George Routledge, 1930), p. 446.


These [usurious money-lenders] are the boars that plough up whole acres, nay, whole fields, of gentlemen’s lands with their snouts; these are swine that eat up whole orchards, and these are they whose fiery consciences drink up whole fish-pools at a draught. . . . It is this that makes Newmarket Heath and Royston Downs about Christmas-time so full of highwaymen that poor country people cannot pass quietly to their cottages, but some gentleman will borrow all the money they have – only, indeed, they will make them take their bonds.1

William Fennor


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