Outlaws and Highwaymen

A Gallery of Highwaymen Pictures

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1. Two pictures to explore

A highway robbery in the seventeenth century
A highway robbery in 1665

A trial at the Old Bailey
A trial at the Old Bailey in 1773

2. Images from Johnson’s Lives of the Highwaymen (1734)

James Hind robbing Colonel Harrison Mull Sack robbing the Oxford Wagon Claude Du Vall robbing Squire Roper
The Golden Farmer robbing a tinker James Whitney robbing an old usurer

3. More images of highwaymen

'Claude Duval' (after Frith) Plunkett and Maclaine robbing the Earl of Eglinton
Hawkins and Simpson robbing the mail Turpin hiding in a cave Portrait of John Clavell
Tom King Turpin on Black Bess
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